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15 April 2014



The photos are up - still working on some other things.  I have plenty of other shit to do on the "non-academic" but "college-related" side, thanks to some "bigwigs" and their "bullshit."

But I digress.

(It happens a lot, I know)

Tired of me yet?

My epic Palpatine Maths Mashup is still in production.

Good night.

12 April 2014


I updated during the week, but it seems I didn't have the ambition to put up a blog post.

I have (probably) completed the updates for the week now, though, so a post seemed appropriate.

I should report on the results from the last poll:

Question: What were your plans for the spring recess?
I didn't see any comment as to what the "Other" might have been.

As you know, I went on vacation.  Here is an exclusive travel video.

The current poll is tracking heavily in favor of a 13th Quiz.

I will update the Tentative Semester Calendar appropriately.

I wish you a wonderful weekend.  Take care.

04 April 2014

...we're back!

But I am just beat.


This week's photos finally up. Take care you guys.

HOF, come on.

20 March 2014

20 March

Whoa, how time flies.

I think I'm done with work for a little while.

%$(@ing right.

Enjoy your spring recess and I hope to see you on the other side...


10 March 2014


I found this vid, which is great.

I also posted photos (fingers crossed!).

Good night!

05 March 2014

The third poll of the semester has closed and here are the results:
  • In-n-Out       17
  • Squeeze Inn   9
  • Other             4
  • Don't Eat            
  • Five Guys      1
  • Nation's
  • Wendy's        
One "other" commented that Hurley's is good.

That's 37 votes, so I leave the percentages to you.

The winner:

Double char

First charburger was down in Santa Barbara. Could not have been happier when they showed up here.

I'm doing some photo editing and then grading.  New poll, too.

For now, those who took an exam today...put it out of your mind.  Definitely don't talk about it with anyone.  There is a good reason for this, I promise.

Have a great night!

Hee hee.