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06 March 2015

Let it All Hang Out


Photos went up earlier this evening.

MATH 55, 94 and 121 now have a First Review, in preparation for the First Exam next week.  Check it out!  Solutions to follow.

220, yours is still in production. Coming soon.

Good morning!


04 March 2015

The Office

Brought a new towel to work this morning.

After I finished wiping off what was left from the erasing efforts of the instructor of the previous class, here is what it looked like.

Nice fucking job, asshole.

Today's other photos are up.

Even those last few I promised you, 121!

Take care.

03 March 2015


Hi, the photos from today are up. I hope.

Those from yesterday went up last night; didn't get around to this.

Damn it.

01 March 2015

Technical difficulties

Homework cycle is complete.

Had a few computer issues yesterday...sorry for the delay.

23 February 2015

At the Gates


It was posted a few minutes ago.

Good night!

Hey, why not. You don't have to listen.

19 February 2015

Bedtime Story

Photos up.  They went up last night as well, but I was too tired to post.

It's been a long fucking week for such a short week.

See ya!