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24 June 2017

Twelve and Thirteen

Ahhh, a four-day week.  Leaves Friday to be a day where often I just end up goofing around all day, but yesterday I did a lot of yard work... I forgot to tell you what I was listening to!

23 June 1974, Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, FL

So this was basically an arena where you could watch competitive Jai Alai, which sounds pretty cool. Never played it. Never seen it! I should check out some YouTube...

Great show.  The passage beginning with "Dark Star" used to circulate on its own, as a "filler" on 90-minute cassette tapes that didn't entirely fill with a show. Awesome stuff.

24 June 1983, Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI

I guess it's the Alliant Energy Center now.  Haven't been back in a while...I am from Madison.

I saw a lot of hockey played at this arena, and some music too.  This show...damn.

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22 June 2017


In Vancouver, the Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum has hosted many concerts and events during its 49-year history.  The Dead were there on this date in 1973.

1973 was a very interesting year for the Dead.  They were starting to grow into the post-Pigpen lineup, with only one drummer and a very jazzy pianist.  The music began to stretch and songs that flowed migrated to the second set while other tunes seemed to make more sense at the beginning.

But there are exceptions to trends all the time, and one must not get too comfortable, so as to start predicting a Prankster...

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21 June 2017


Still in Alaska...longest day, takes forever to get back, you know... 😎
Heating up again.  Stay cool, stay safe.  Conserve electricity...listen to music, or "unplug" and play some of your own!

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20 June 2017


The Dead were officially 15 years old, and celebrating with a summer tour.  The fall schedule would include extended stays in New York City and San Francisco, which yielded two live albums - "Dead Set" and "Reckoning."  Both are great.

This fabulous.  Up in Alaska at this time of year, the days are mighty long...more light to party, which many must have done at this performance in Anchorage, at the West High Auditorium.

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19 June 2017


Back at Shoreline, we have a show from 1989 today...and I like it.  The second set of songs (starting with "China Cat Sunflower") is another of the first group of tapes I ever had, so I am pretty fond of it.

It's so nice to have the Archive so that you and I can hear the first set as well!

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18 June 2017


This must be a decent day...

...there are so many contenders for today's selection! I am going to play it safe and choose a show from 1974 again, from Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY.

As you might guess, this is the show after the one from Iowa the other day. It's not uncommon at all to have excellent shows in bunches, and summer 1974 was a pretty big bunch.  You're going to hear more from it.  Today's is one of the tastiest.

Enjoy, and happy Father's Day!

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17 June 2017


From 21 October 1975 to 2 June 1976, the Dead were officially "retired"...from touring, at least.

Today we have one of the four shows of 1975, this one from San Francisco's Winterland Arena.

There are also recordings of that year's rehearsals of much of the new material, which was arguably the most complex the band had attempted.  They're kind of cool.

The album from 1975, "Blues for Allah," is one of the first CDs I ever bought...great stuff.


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