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26 April 2016


Just wanted to let you know that I updated incorrect links and posted today's photos, too.

I hope!

Good night.
Bobby Blue

25 April 2016


Today's photos should be up, if you are interested.

As often seems to happen, although I am still engaged in the work from day-to-day and usually get things posted "as usual," I have given up on posting here.  I am sorry.  It's not you - it's me.

If you would like me to keep posting a music clip and such, just let me know.  I can do it, I just haven't had the heart to, of late.

I hope you are well.
The King

29 March 2016

Left a Scar

Image total as of tonight.  Cool!

Are you happy to be back?  Let's all say yes.


You know I'll always come back to her

11 February 2016