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25 November 2015


I think the last couple of days of photos have been fine-tuned, at least as much as they're going to get.

As I've said, I appreciate all of you.  I wish you a happy Thanksgiving.  I hope to see you on the other side.

Take care.

23 November 2015

What happened

Today's photos are up.

That makes about 1,600 for the term so far.  I doubt we'll reach 2,000 for the term, but you never know.  Only a couple of weeks to go...

...can't end soon enough, eh?
Take care.
This person really tries to make compelling visuals

18 November 2015

17 November 2015

Lord I'm so tired

Okay - tonight's photos are up, and I managed to get last night's to finally be visible...I think.

Take care.


16 November 2015


Today's photos are up.

Thanks to those who've offered support and encouragement.  Means a lot to me, really.
Take care.

12 November 2015


Sorry I wasn't able to be there today.  I should be able to return next week.

55 and 90, I posted something for you on the Photographs page for your course.

I'll also email you again to remind you to check out what class might have been like.

Thanks and take care.

05 November 2015

Over you

Photos are up.

Exam Two, Part One is available for MATH 90, 108 and 120.

Good night.