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16 October 2014

I'm gonna sit right here


Today's are up.

Plenty of work ahead this weekend; we'll see how much I'm able to finish.

Take care.

15 October 2014



Today's are up.

I have been remiss in not posting and such, sorry about that.

Don't know if it matters sometimes, I guess, but I should be better.

Like, in everything.

Take care.

12 October 2014

Breaking Point


Made a change to the Tentative Semester Calendar.

No new Homework this week, and the solutions to Assignment 5 will be delayed as well.

I have been working on some other things and also injured my back, which is an inconvenience.

Hope you are doing well.  See you soon.

07 October 2014


Today's photos are up.

Might tinker with a few things later...we'll see.

See you tomorrow.

Have a nice evening.

04 October 2014

Quick word


I guess I never did check in on Thursday night...sorry about that.

Those photos did go up, and I now have the answers to the Practice Exams up as well...hope they look alright to you.

I am having more typo trouble than usual, and even have been sloppy enough to commit a couple of other errors in the last couple of weeks.  It's not a good situation, and I do appreciate it when those errors are brought to my attention.  It helps everyone!

I'll be working on all the other stuff I have and more will hopefully be posted.  Still trying to stick to the calendar.

Thanks and hope you will have a nice weekend.  Stay cool.

01 October 2014

The News


Today's stuff is available.

Finally got caught up with some stuff.  Getting caught up with the rest soon, I hope.

Yes, I am bit stressed, probably resulting in the irritability.

This shit's kind of important to me, you know?