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11 February 2016

Try To Make It

Photos available.
Good night.
Truly staggering talent

09 February 2016

Keep On

Today's photos should finally be available.

Take care.
No Peppers.

08 February 2016

Not the Same


I think today's work is complete.  Photos, that's all.

A kind student shared this with me today:
Love the funny pages.

The big game has come and gone.  Life goes on.


04 February 2016

In My Time

I'm running late tonight. Sorry about that.

I do think the photos should be up now.

What a week.
Good night.
Fare you well

03 February 2016


Today's photos are up, as far as I know.

I apologize to the morning group for my outburst in class.  I did not handle the situation as I should have, and that individual did not deserve that response.

I cannot promise improvement.  I can only tell you that I try.  I am aware that may be insufficient for you.

Good night.
The me

02 February 2016

Nothing That I Can Do

Okay - I think today's material is complete as far as photos are concerned.

I may still get the results up for the MATH 121 folks, if you've been practicing...

UPDATE: I did that
...take care.
Pure candy, but somewhat poignant

PS - did you vote in the topical and exciting poll?

01 February 2016

All of My Heart

I think I've finished for the day.

Photos, that is, including those exercises for MATH 121.

Thanks and good night.

Covered many times