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22 April 2014


Just checking in to say that I think tonight's photos are up, just like last night.

Working hard, but not doing very well. Sad.

I hope you are well.

18 April 2014


Hey, the Reviews (Practice Exams) are about to go up.

Sorry for the delay.  Had a little trouble finding everything I needed!

Also photos from yesterday should have gone up last night. I hope.

Have a nice day and fine weekend as well.  I'll be back if anything warrants it.

If you have the time, check it ALL out.

15 April 2014



The photos are up - still working on some other things.  I have plenty of other shit to do on the "non-academic" but "college-related" side, thanks to some "bigwigs" and their "bullshit."

But I digress.

(It happens a lot, I know)

Tired of me yet?

My epic Palpatine Maths Mashup is still in production.

Good night.

12 April 2014


I updated during the week, but it seems I didn't have the ambition to put up a blog post.

I have (probably) completed the updates for the week now, though, so a post seemed appropriate.

I should report on the results from the last poll:

Question: What were your plans for the spring recess?
I didn't see any comment as to what the "Other" might have been.

As you know, I went on vacation.  Here is an exclusive travel video.

The current poll is tracking heavily in favor of a 13th Quiz.

I will update the Tentative Semester Calendar appropriately.

I wish you a wonderful weekend.  Take care.

04 April 2014

...we're back!

But I am just beat.


This week's photos finally up. Take care you guys.

HOF, come on.

20 March 2014

20 March

Whoa, how time flies.

I think I'm done with work for a little while.

%$(@ing right.

Enjoy your spring recess and I hope to see you on the other side...