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26 April 2016


Just wanted to let you know that I updated incorrect links and posted today's photos, too.

I hope!

Good night.
Bobby Blue

25 April 2016


Today's photos should be up, if you are interested.

As often seems to happen, although I am still engaged in the work from day-to-day and usually get things posted "as usual," I have given up on posting here.  I am sorry.  It's not you - it's me.

If you would like me to keep posting a music clip and such, just let me know.  I can do it, I just haven't had the heart to, of late.

I hope you are well.
The King

29 March 2016

Left a Scar

Image total as of tonight.  Cool!

Are you happy to be back?  Let's all say yes.


You know I'll always come back to her

11 February 2016

09 February 2016

Keep On

Today's photos should finally be available.

Take care.
No Peppers.