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18 September 2014


Another week!

We even got a touch of rain.

Photos are up. I am out.

Take care!

17 September 2014

The Mac


MATH 120 P2 was up around 9:30.

I've been fighting my way through the photos since then.

I think I'm done now, and I hope they're in decent shape.

Good night!

16 September 2014



I think the photos should be available.

How are you?

How is your semester going?

How's the class going?

How much do I suck?

His hand looks HUGE

Would you be interested in polls on this site?

Any other comments?

Anybody out there?

Goodbye for now.

15 September 2014



Your photos were up around 8 p.m.

I'm still up, having a severe allergy attack.

Take care!

11 September 2014


Another week has come and gone...and 125 photos later, here we are!

Take care. I'll be in touch.

10 September 2014



Today's photos are up, as far as I know.

Keep working.  Keep trying.  We can do this!

Don't forget, he was famous before he was famous.

09 September 2014



Today's photos are up!

Pool temperature is down, though.

Let's keep it going...