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20 May 2014

Poll results

Your stuff's up.

Results:  your next Bay Area champion.
One more poll.  What shall it be?

Have a good night.

16 May 2014

15 May

Looks like the same scenario...material posted earlier, notification posted later.  Hmmm...

...maybe I got hacked, I don't know.

As a "by the way," I should point out that recently returned Exams which were offered in the "take-home" format were graded on a bit of a curve.  That's why individual problems didn't have deductions.  I tried to be as generous as I could be, given the circumstances.  If you have questions about your work, you could ask me.

See you next week.  Enjoy the weekend.

14 May 2014

14 May

Photos were posted surprisingly early...making this post surprisingly late.


13 May 2014

13 May

Photos should be up.

P4 for MATH 94 should also be available...answers soon-ish.

The temperature is also up!

Hope you can stay cool.


I posted Monday's photos early in the evening, then meant to post about it, but got diverted and distracted.  Not good.  Sorry.

Also forgot to post this a few days ago, but maybe that's not as important.

Who knows if any of it is important?

08 May 2014

8 May

There is a good chance today's photos are now available.

Have a nice evening!