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31 August 2015

Can Do


Today's material is now available!

R. Crumb, via

Have a great night.

A complex celebrity

29 August 2015



Posted some stuff...remember, the site?

  • Tentative semester calendar went up yesterday. Check it out!
  • 55, 90 and 108 have a first installment of Lecture Notes (120 has a more comprehensive Reader).  Could be useful, one never knows...
  • First Homeworks are posted.  Here's the deal: attempt every question.  Next Saturday, the solutions will be posted so that you can see how you've done.  When you're satisfied, turn it in.  The effort score is recorded.  Sound simple?  It is.  But we'll see how you do...
  • I will probably create some Practice Worksheets later on...check back for those if you wish.

Gotta keep rollin', time don't stop...

An artist you should know

27 August 2015


Two weeks.

Sixteen classroom sessions.

177 photographs (including today's).

The work is just beginning...

So many years ago...

26 August 2015


Today's photos...up!

Just clicking along.  Obviously, yet another crazy day in this old world.

Fragile, indeed.

Take care.

R.I.P. Ron McKernan

25 August 2015



The photos from today are now available.  Thanks for waiting!

Might have been a doze...

See you soon.

Brilliant band.

24 August 2015


It's another week.  The machine is running again!

Photos are up.

Take care.

Mine are.

23 August 2015


I'm sure you have a busy life.  I'm also sure it was nice to not have a Homework assignment over the weekend!

Did you even think about mathematics?  I won't hold it against you if you didn't.  But I thought I'd post a practice worksheet for you to try, if you're interested.

Each course should now have a page titled "Practice Worksheets" and one example to try.  If you do end up turning them in, you have the potential to earn a little extra credit - I might boost a low Quiz score, for example.

In other words, nothing to be lost by giving it a shot...

Lifted by someone from somewhere on Pinterest

Shared by Donovan Barrett Jr.

A couple other bits of content went up, so check it out.  And do take care.

See you soon.

Yet another old British band