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21 March 2017

As I Know It

Grading is worse.

Can I quit? I'm not ahead, but hey, that's just a cliché.


18 March 2017

Long Distance Runner

It's the weekend!

I'm working on grading (obviously) and new Homework.

Here is another 1977 Grateful Dead performance, from this date in fact! It's...well, it's notable, since a new song was played (there were several of those in the first installment of this series - a better show than this, imho).

Hey, who cares.  Music + math for a happy Saturday to you! :)

09 March 2017

I'm to Blame

You guys really did great, truly, I'm very impressed.

No, it's not always about grades, man...

...see you next week!

04 March 2017

Want a Dose

So yes, I am moving slower than anticipated on the Practice Exams.

Just posted three - for 55, 94 and 121.

The rest to come during the afternoon.

Solutions tomorrow (planned).

Sorry for the unavoidable-ish delay.

26 February 2017

If I Had My Way

It's a grading papers sort of, yeah. Oh well! At least it's beautiful.

So I was talking a bit in (at least) one class about music, about the music I play in class.

I brought up that, yes, it is true...I used to play the Grateful Dead in class. So at least you don't have to deal with that! 😀

But I can share a little with you here, right? Hello? Is this thing on? 🎤

It's been forty years since this one was played. To many fans, this was one of their strongest years as a band. See what you think!

The Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA, 26 February 1977.